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Vibrant Christmas pickles

These super healthy pickles will bring you Christmas dinner tabel into a happy Christmas atmosphere in an instant. It's super easy because you're going to ferment it which means you prepare them days in advance. During christmas all you have to do is add the to a salad or use them to decorade your plates

Makin this recipe is a fun job to do together with your grandchildren, neighbors, school or bonus children. Because these Christmas figures, in the form of brightly colored vegetable pickles, perhaps appeal to the childish imagination even more than brown cookies. A great way to tempt your children to eat more vegetables. And did you know that fermented vegetables are much healthier than raw vegetables?

In the context of decreasing overconsumption, we have agreed with the families with whom we celebrate Christmas not to buy gifts. But we do like homemade gifts, maybe even more, especially if we can eat them. Would you like the same? Then opt for a Christmas without (expensive) gifts and immediately make some more jars of this recipe. Because such a colorful jar of pickles is obviously a nice Christmas present to give away and to receive.

The recipe mentions a number of colorful winter vegetables that make these Christmas pickles extra festive. Can't get one of them? Then look for a colorful replacement yourself. You can use any hard vegetables for this recipe. Tubers, carrots and beets that come out of the ground work best. But there are two things you have to pay attention to: Colors continue during fermentation, for example if you use beetroot, all your Christmas figures will eventually take on the color of beetroot. And the diameter is also important. You are going to cut thin slices of everything and then cut figures out of them with cookie cutters. Make sure the diameter of your vegetables is large enough for your cookie cutters. This way you avoid getting a Christmas tree without a top or a beheaded king or wiseman from the east.

Do you have a no-waste heart like I do and did you immediately think when you saw these Christmas pickles: what a waste of the trimmings of all those vegetables? Don't panic, because if you cut these trimmings small, you can make even more pickles with the same recipe. Or you can make a delicious winter soup, puree or sauce from these trimmings. If you have a dehydrator, these thinly sliced ​​vegetables are ideal for drying and grinding into powder, which you can use as a garnish for your Christmas dinner. Or roast the trimmings in the oven to make stock powder. Do you have more ideas about what you can do with the trimmings? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you going to maik these Christmas pickles? Then show us your results below or tag @fermfermentatie on Instagram.

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