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Gazpacho with fermented tomatoes

There are only a few dishes I enjoy as much in summer as gazpacho. I make this refreshing cold spanish soup in all kinds of variations. And of course a fermented version couldn't be missing.

When I make a semi-traditional tomato gazpacho, I prefer to layer the flavor by using many different tomato varieties. But this year the pre-season in my vegetable garden was very slow. Due to a plague of snails and a lot of rain, the tomatoes take a long time to grow. Fortunately, there are other tricks to add more flavor to tomatoes, for example through fermentation!

For this gazpacho I used fermented tomatoes, you'll find the recipe here. These tomatoes need to ferment for about a week. So make this recipe in time, for example when very nice weather is approaching. If you ferment a large amount of tomatoes, you can often make gazpacho from them. As you can keep the fermented tomato in the refrigerator for a long time.

The Borage flowers may seem purely for a summery garnish. And the star shaped flowers are beautiful indeed, but the fresh cucumber-like flavor gives a really pleasant and fresh addition to this summer soup. They wilt very quickly though, which is probably why I have never seen them in a store. So if you don't have Borage at hand, skip it for now. But sow it today; as it grows very easily and this beautiful plant will continue to provide you with almost endless blue-purple starshaped flowers, even if you only have a balcony or lack a green thumb.

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