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About Ferm 

From Ferm, Margot enthusiastically shares her passion for fermentation by sharing frequently asked questions & facts about fermentation, and by giving fermentation workshops. A continuously innovative range of workshops on open registration is available via the webshop, in addition tailor-made workshops are possible. The workshops are always plant-based and seasonal.

Ferm Margot Zylicz203-internet.jpg
Foto: Inge van Mill

About Margot

In our old Gouda cheese farm, my upbringing in my mother's kitchen, my culinary quest, extended over world travel by motorbike, and the dream of being able to live a self-sufficient life with my partner all come together. Cooking and growing has always been a common thread in my life, along with photography. This came to full fruition when we bought a dilapidated farm in the Groene Hart.  

My worldly search for colorful kitchen cultures and surprising flavors often resulted in a fermentation vessel. Fermentation, a preservation technique I already knew from Poland, my father's country, and to which I became more and more addicted. It is an addiction that brings out an incredible amount of passion and creativity in me. Both the microbiological background and the intriguing taste variations always ask for more. To me, fermentation feels like magic with food, when the color, smell, taste and texture gradually change during the process. A transformation of food that offers infinite possibilities, which, especially now that more and more plant-based foods are eaten, might be  more welcome than ever. 

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