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Finally fermented tomatoes without mold

If you think fermentation always goes well for me, you are wrong. I like to experiment and that is inevitably linked to failures. I can hear you thinking; that's part of experimenting. But even simple ferments sometimes go wrong for me, after all it keeps being a natural process. For example there seems to be a curse on my tomato ferments. In my vegetable garden I love to grow special varieties which I, how could it be any different,would like to ferment.

Although fermenting tomatoes may seem simple, they are very sensitive to mold and kahm yeast. And neither of those two ever pass my jars of fermented tomatoes. Very frustrating and a shame for those lovingly cultivated flavor bombs deserve a good brine!

But since I recently discovered the fermentation clamp, I dared to take up the challenge again. And sure enough, I managed to ferment tomatoes the first time without mold and/or kahm yeast. This opened new doors and reminded me of a recipe I came up with a while ago; fermented tomato gazpacho.

But first things first; let's start by fermenting tomatoes without mold. Do you already own fermentation clamps? Then you can simply follow this recipe. If you don't have a fermentation clamp yet, try weighing your tomatoes down with a fermentation weight or, for example, a plastic bag filled with of salt water.

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