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Wild flower & rhubarb soda

When it comes to cooking or fermenting I always follow the seasons. After all, fermentation was discovered this way thousands of years ago and nature is by far my biggest source of inspiration. In the morning I like to take a walk through our gardens with a cup of coffee, the animals automatically follow me, I give the newly sown flowers some water and get surprised by the flowers that did not bloom yesterday, the seeds that did not yet germinate during my last walk, or the rhubarb that was really less red yesterday.

I like to merge my creativity with nature. This often results in very artistic recipes. OK, I have to admit that sometimes it gets a little too artsy which makes my favourite taster raise his their eyebrows. But usually Mother Nature leads me to special combinations, simply because the ingredients grow and bloom at the same time. This also applies to this floral drink in which I combined rhubarb with rose petals and the first blooming elder flower.

Let yourself be guided by the moment; If you come across more edible flowers that you think could be a good combination, then by all means add them. I came across some ground Ivy and Daisies that naturally found their way into this wild drink. In this recipe I use wild yeasts, in this case mainly elderflower. This also makes it a somewhat unpredictable drink. For instance; if you pick after the rain, for example, many yeasts have already been lost. This also happens if you leave the flower heads in a bag or container for a long time or first unzip the flowers from the twigs above a plate or bowl. It works best not to rinse the flowers and to separate them from the twigs or flower buds directly above your fermentation jar.

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