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No waste fermentatie hack

While I'm writing this post we are amidst the Dutch ´waste free week, the so called verspillingsvrijeweek. It's an annual week to raise awareness on the bizarre amounts of waste we daily create. And as 'no waste' is one of the fundamentals of Ferm, I'll happily share another waste free fermentation hack.

It's not just another tip to cut down on food waste. It's one that prevents you from those green fresh herbs going bad in your fridge. Or as a solution for your herb garden. In case you have enthusiastically sown too much.

When you ferment fresh herbs you get a slightly acidic, tasty and super healthy paste that will keep for long.

You can literally put all herbs in there. Think of basil, parsley, dill, koriander, chives, mint, tarragon, chervil, oregano and alike.


Fresh herbs



You also need


Blender-food processor

  1. Put all these leafy herbs in a blender, you may even add some garlic and lime zest. Blend it to a paste.

  2. Put a clean jar on a scale and press tare.

  3. Now you fill your jar and weigh the content.

  4. Calculate 1,5%, this is your salt weight.

  5. Add this amount of salt to your jar and stir it in.

  6. Clean the rims and close the jar. Let it ferment on your countertop for 4 days

After 4 days you taste it and decide if you like it, or want it to ferment a little longer. When prolonging the fermentation time it will get more acidic.

When you decide it's ready you store the jar in the fridge and use a generous spoon or more in soups, dressings, sauces, butter, foams and a like.

If you don´t feel comfortable with fermenting yet, you might want to dive in to the faq´s. And feel free to ask any fermentation question in the comments below.

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